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Postin sooner.........

After all the times I try posting this entry and ladies and gentlemens, friends of mines I present to you:


5.Insane Dragon: I know you from 01 aand things were better than ever, the laughs, the angryness and all the craziiest shyt that Happen in the past. FUK it let 05 run this shyt bytch.

4. Jack Evans: Jack is a cool ass guy, I mean from the pics to hugs and thrills of this year.

3.Teddy Hart: He a cool guy in a way and he deserves to be on my count down.

2. Azrieal: Oh Wally ur so fine u wanna make me lose my mind.

And the #1 Hottie is JAY LETHAL:Jay went from unkown wrestler to BREAK OUT *. Mama Lethal u better pround of your son.

Friends:Becky,Stacy,Dez, MK, Ceeji,Dez,Patty,Mary, Jess, John, Mike and the rest of the CREW.

Lets do all crazy ass things this year.

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