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A long update

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALICIA!!!!!!!! Im gonna run down what happened in my busy but happy life.

January 15th- Went to 3pw the show suck expect for Chris daniels, Chris Sabin, Aj Styles and Sylk Wanger Brown.

January 16th- Slept all day and went online like an night owl.

January 17th- Got Ready for school.

January 18th, January 19th & 20th- Went to school.

January 21st- Finishing packing for Florida. Left around 130 for the airport got there at 230 when thur the sercuity check point and outta all the trips I got searched and they took all my stuff out of my bookbag.
Larer that night I went to my dad's resturant and had my favorite food Shrimp tempuro. MMMMMM my Uncle Luke makes itz bangin.

January 22nd- Went shopping with Bernie until 5pm then with to the resturant for dinner.

January 23rd- Watch the EAGLES kick ass. SUPER BOWL IS HERE.

January 24th and 25th- Juss stay online and talk to friends in philly .

January 26th- Did some last minutes things for my stuff so i didnt leave anything in florida.

January 27th - Went to Zen for lunch then went home and got ready to fly back to cold ass philly.

January 29th- I missed Japw but there returning after almost 3 years. Teddy hart & Jack Evans VS BBoy and Homicide of the Strong Style Thugs in a STEEL CAGE.

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